Electrician Outlet Installation Cost for 2023

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Adding new electrical outlets to your property or upgrading the ones you currently have is often easy and inexpensive. 

While some individuals can repair electrical outlets without much trouble, if you have any worries, it’s best to hire an expert handyman or licensed electrician. 

Getting a new circuit, indoor and outdoor outlet, or grounded fuse box requires compliance with the National Electrical Code and other local codes in Arizona.

The final cost is determined by the kind of electrical outlet and scope of the project involved. Continue reading to learn more about the cost for an electrician to install new or additional outlet points in your home.

How Much Does It Cost for an Electrician to Install an Outlet?

You have to cut a hole in your wall to insert the metal box for a new electrical outlet installation. It is possible that more wiring needs to run through your walls. 

According to Homewyse, the cost of installing electrical outlets is typically between $213 and $250 for components and labor. 

Generally, electricians charge under $100 for a house visit and a variable hourly cost for labor. It costs an average of $175 to execute this job for any homeowner.

Many common outlets cost $3 or less, according to The Spruce. Many faceplates are also inexpensive, costing as little as 50 cents in specific circumstances. The most expensive part of the project is running new wire through your wall to meet the electrical outlet.

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Cost to Install vs. Replace Electrical Outlet

new electrical outlet installation

The outlet installation cost of replacing old electrical outlets is roughly $125, and experts can perform the job in a short amount of time. If the existing wiring from the original outlet is still intact, this is a fast and simple project. You should expect to pay approximately $200 and $250 if the ground wire is damaged or new wires need to be hooked to your outlet.

Operating electricity is risky work, especially if you don’t have enough electrical knowledge. If you want to replace electrical outlets on your own, ensure the power is switched off at the breaker or electrical box first. Before touching any wires, utilize a voltmeter to double-check that your outlet is not live.

GFCI Outlets

GFCI Outlets immediately switch off if they sense any power fluctuation. Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets (GFCI) are intended to protect individuals from electrocution in wet areas, such as the restroom, kitchen, and laundry room. 

The “test” and “reset” buttons situated between the sockets make a GFCI outlet easier to spot. As per HGTV, the average cost of installing GFCI outlets is $120; however, this cost may double if new electrical wiring is required.

Three-prong Outlets (or Two-prong Outlets)

The majority of modern appliances need three-prong plugs. 

Since electrical rules changed in 1962, several older homes may not have three prongs on all outlets. It’s quite simple to replace obsolete receptacles; however, your handyman or electrician may need to set up a new ground wire from the circuit breaker panel to the new outlet. 

Taking everything into account, this may cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

USB Outlets

Keeping your devices charged is critical in today’s digital environment. 

Install electrical outlets with traditional USB or newer USB-C connectors to help you charge your telephones and laptops, particularly if you have misplaced your charging block. 

USB ports are a touch more expensive than standard outlets, costing between $20 and $50. Most consumers spend the same price for expert outlet installation as they would for a standard outlet. The overall cost ranges from $125 to $150.

Childproof Faceplates

Childproof faceplates are a cost-effective way to keep your children safe from electric outlets. Installation is usually simple and only requires the use of a screwdriver. 

Prices differ; however, most households can get what they require for $5 to $10. Several power outlets include built-in kid safety features; however, these are more expensive than standard faceplates.

Cost Factors That Influence Electrical Outlet Installation

The new outlet location may influence the overall cost to install an electrical outlet. The more wiring connections involved, the more expensive the project becomes in general due to labor costs and materials used. 

Moreover, various outlets are rated to carry varying loads. A 220V/240V outlet is a must for larger appliances such as washing machines. 

Installing these outlets is more complicated. Getting electrical jobs done usually costs around $300.

If more electrical work is required to sustain the new outlets, the cost rises as well. The national average cost of new wiring is roughly $27 per linear foot. Your property’s electrical service may need to be upgraded to suit your new outlets in some circumstances. 

The cost of the project is determined by your house’s power requirements. Installing the infrastructure to handle 400-amp electric service, for example, can cost up to $4,000.

Do you need an electrician to install an outlet?

new electrical outlet installation

Our answer is yes.

Not everyone is capable of installing a wall outlet nor repairing a wall plug or wire. The work requires both knowledge and high-quality tools and equipment to ensure safety and compliance with national and local electrical safety codes.

Electrical work should not be a DIY project for everyone.

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Yes, You Need An Electrician To Install Outlets Safely

Whether you need a new outlet due to functioning purposes or you want additional electrical fixtures for your home, an experienced electrician from Assurance Electrical Services can help you if you are based in Yavapai County, Arizona. 

Most homeowners understand that there are various outlet types (single outlet, two-prong outlet, etc.), which is why they hire a professional team when dealing with a faulty outlet or outlet expansion. 

If you want to save money, contact our team today for electrical work. Do not worry about outlet costs as our experienced team performs high-quality electrical panels or existing outlet services at an affordable price. Contact us today!

Do you have any questions about new wiring or smart outlet installations? Ask us in the comments section below!

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