Are you a business owner, property manager, general contractor or homeowner who is in need of electrical services?

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No matter what your setting or needs, we have what you need to provide top-quality commercial and home services.

Electrical Services


Top-level electric services are just the beginning of what you will receive from us.

You deserve the very best customer service we have to offer and we are committed to providing you the best experience from beginning to end.

Our company is committed to providing the absolute best electric services for you, our customer.

We provide electrical expertise in the Prescott area to commercial and residential customers.


We are your expert electrical contractor serving the Prescott, AZ area, including Prescott Valley, Dewey, and Chino Valley. 

We do it all! Everything electrical, whether it is residentialcommercial, or industrial we are at your service!

Below are just a few of the services our business offers.

Diagnostic, Troubleshooting and Service Support

When things stop working, we are here for you to provide prompt repair support!
We carry all the diagnostic equipment needed for troubleshooting as well as the materials needed for most repairs.
Occasionally the failure is caused by a bigger problem.
If we determine the problem cannot be solved quickly, we will provide an estimate for more extensive electric repairs.
You can expect the highest quality repair work as we get you back up and running as quickly as we can.

Panel Upgrades / Changes

Your electric panel is essential to provide electricity to all of your appliances including every gadget and device you’ve come to depend on.
Electricity from your utility company flows into your home through this panel.
From there the power is dispersed into major branches, and then flows into smaller branches to feed each individual outlet.
A properly working power panel is necessary for the safety of your home or business. We upgrade breaker panels to handle more amperage when needed.
We can provide new electric panel installation if the years of use your old panel unrepairable.

Jacuzzi Spa Boxes

A new hot tub is luxurious and exciting, but there are certain technical issues that need to be addressed before you purchase one.
We will be glad to help determine if you have the exterior space and power necessary to support a new installation and its added demand for electricity.
Most houses are well-equipped to handle the extra power requirements, but nothing should be left to chance when you are dealing with new hot tub wiring.
Our electric upgrade service might be just the thing you need to prepare your house for the extra amperage.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting fixtures are installed into hollow openings in your home’s ceiling.
The fixtures provide beautiful beams of light shining where you choose without cluttering up your ceiling with hardware or wires.
Each of these little lights is very powerful, and can be focused in different directions.
Lights can be focused downward to work broadly, like a floodlight, or as a spotlight for featuring favorite paintings or photos on your walls.

Remodeling and Room Addition Projects

Our electricians will help you create electrical plans for your home additions and remodeling projects.
As a business, we have spent years installing new electric systems while gaining in-depth knowledge of the code requirements.
We’ll help you make accurate plans to ensure your remodeling work is streamlined and efficient.
You are sure to love your new or remodeled project for years to come.


These are just a few of the many services we provide. 

To learn more visit our residential or commercial services pages.

Assurance Electrical Services

We Are Your Top-Choice Electrical Contractor for Prescott, AZ

We offer a comprehensive list of services for every electric need in your home, commercial building, or new construction build.

Our years of experience contribute to our excellence in servicing your projects.

Our electricians are licensed and continually trained in the profession to provide you with the best care possible.

We look forward to working with you!

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