Circuit Breaker Repair

Your home’s electrical breaker panel consists of significant safety components, including circuit breakers. 

A circuit breaker panel prevents power surges, short-circuits, circuit overload, and even fire. 

A broken or overloaded circuit breaker can cut power abruptly and ruin your electrical devices, and create havoc in your home.

Electrical jobs are complex, and should not be a DIY project for everyone. If you have a malfunctioning circuit breaker, have it repaired by a licensed electrician.

Assurance Electrical Service can ensure that your circuit breaker panel gets fixed according to local and state electrical requirements with the highest quality standards.

Get household circuit breaker repair service from Prescott’s trusted electrical contractors. Hire Assurance Electrical Services today, and we’ll assure you that we’ll leave your property safer than yesterday!

When To Call A Circuit Breaker Repair Service

Although circuit breakers can last many years, yours can go bad due to old age or other electrical issues such as overheating.

In some cases, the summer heat can also affect your breakers negatively so you have to be extra careful if you’re in a warm climate. Regular circuit breaker repairs and maintenance are a must. 

If you see any of these signs that your breaker has gone bad, call an electrician right away to prevent an electrical emergency:

  • The breaker is hot
  • It emits a burning smell (Note: shut off your main power immediately before calling an electrician)
  • There are visible physical damages (note: unplug everything on that circuit right away)
  • You have a water leak or drainage problem at home and moisture got into your panel


How We Repair Circuit Breakers

Our circuit breaker services include:

  • Diagnostic evaluation 
  • Preliminary electrical test
  • Repair cost estimates, per approval of the client
  • Cleaning
  • Major circuit breaker repairs and modifications
  • Minor circuit breaker panel repairs and modifications
  • Installations and removal of accessories
  • Retrofitting and upgrades
  • Calibration of units
  • Re-testing and quality assurance

Why You Need To Call A Circuit Breaker Panel Technician

You can save time and money if you repair or do the circuit breaker replacement on your own.

However, this may not be worth the risk if you aren’t skilled enough with electrical components. You can get shocked, electrocuted, and expose your residence to hazards.

Your home may have a branch breaker connected to different areas in your home that’s separate from your main circuit breaker compartment. 

Both components may break or malfunction. The best way to ensure safety is to hire a professional to repair or replace them with a new circuit breaker.

Remember that safety is highly important when it comes to anything related to electricity. Get professional service from a licensed, insured, and bonded electrician. They can install your circuit breaker to code for safety and insurance purposes.

Why Choose Assurance Electrical Services?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Assurance’s circuit breaker panel services, you’ll get an extra level of protection and peace of mind. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with our service.

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Always On-Time

We show up on the time of service and work efficiently so you can get back to your day sooner.

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Seasoned Local Electricians

We are licensed, insured, highly-trained, and experienced local electricians!

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We Are Your Full-Service Electricians

Peace of mind.

That’s the most important benefit you’ll get from having a professional do the electrical work for you. 

Make sure the technician is reputable, licensed, bonded, and insured. Our electricians here at Assurance Electrical Services have those qualifications.

We’ll evaluate your electrical system and will push you to become more energy-efficient and safe. 

Hire a trusted electrician to do the job right. Call Assurance Electrical Services right now!

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