Electrical Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting home electrical problems can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task. It’s best to have an electrician check on any malfunctioning or faulty components, such as circuit breakers or even your main electrical panel.

Ignoring electrical issues may lead to life-threatening conditions, hence, homeowners are highly-advised to contact their local electrician immediately. Electrical works are dangerous to do without proper training, experience, and equipment.

If you have any electrical issues at home or in business, it’s always best to call an expert to do the job. Assurance Electrical Services provides electrical troubleshooting services. Our electricians are trained in all types of residential and commercial electrical system services, and we use the latest equipment to get the job done right.

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Signs You Need To Call An Electrician

electrical troubleshooting

Electrical problems originate from a variety of sources, and they can cause serious damages to your home or business if not addressed soon enough.

Some common signs that you need an electrical repair or troubleshooting are:

Tripping circuit breakers

circuit breaker

A faulty circuit breaker is common in every residential facility. If you’re experiencing a tripped breaker, chances are your fuse box needs a repair or replacement.

A professional troubleshooting electrician can inspect these issues immediately and significantly reduce any potential risks. If you’re in Prescott, you can count on Assurance Electrical Services.

Flickering lights

flickering lights

A flickering light fixture is a sign of an overloaded circuit. It may have been caused by a faulty component such as a hot wire or a loose connection in an outlet or wall switch. You may have large appliances with a larger current that require separate circuits to accommodate your energy consumption.

The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle outlet saves lives in case of a fire emergency, but it only works if the appliance being used is GFCI protected.

Call for a licensed electrical technician to help you switch to a better electricity line.

Too many extension cords

Using too many extensions is the cause of over 3000 fires in the United States each year. 

To avoid using too many extension cords, ask a qualified maintenance electrician in Prescott Valley to inspect your household’s electrical system and install additional outlets.

There’s no standard number of extension cords that a household can use to avoid fires, but the recommended practice is to avoid using multiple of them in the same circuit.

Electrical shocks

Electrical shocks from a light switch, outlet, or appliance are usually due to faulty wiring.

This issue exposes you to potential fire hazards. An expert electrician can get the job done quickly for you.

Buzzing sounds in the walls

These buzzing noises are certainly not from bees. Electrical buzzing can be a result of electrical faults, such as wiring issues or loose screw terminals, outlets, and switches.

Only licensed electricians can diagnose the problem, so make sure to call for one if you hear these buzzing sounds.

The smell of something burning

Smelled something burning at home but nobody’s cooking in the kitchen? That may be a sign of an electrical fault. These are the possible problems associated with burnt smell:

  • Improper installation of wiring
  • Damaged electrical wires
  • Circuit overload
  • A foreign object may be stuck in the electrical box

Call an electrician immediately for a prompt diagnosis of the problem! 

Our Electrical Troubleshooting Services

electrical troubleshooting

Assurance Electrical Services offers two types of electrical troubleshooting services: electrical testing and electrical repairs.

Electrical testing involves using electrical equipment in determining the electrical currents, faults, and durability. We also test appliances that run off electric circuits.

As licensed and experienced electricians, we use high-tech electrical testers to measure electrical current for safety purposes, inspect your electrical panel, test outlets for proper grounding, and check the overall condition of the house’s wiring system.

Once the testing process is complete, we will start troubleshooting the issues. This may involve replacing electrical outlets, rewiring appliances or switches, or installing surge protectors to safeguard your power supply against damage caused by electrical surges.

Whether it’s electrical testing or electrical repairs, you can rest easy knowing that a trusted electrical expert is on the job!

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Why Hire Us?

Assurance Electrical provides electrical testing, repair, and troubleshooting for any electrical problems. 

We offer the electrical services you need at affordable prices, and we’re available any time you need us.

We make sure to find the root cause of your electrical system issues, and we complete the repairs fast. We wouldn’t call it a successful project until we make sure that everything is done properly before we leave your property.

Contact our electrical troubleshooting team in Arizona for a consultation today. We’ll make sure that you have the electrical services your house needs to keep you safe and your appliances running smoothly.

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What Assurance Can Do For You

Licensed Electricians

We have a team of licensed expert professionals in electrical repair, troubleshooting, maintenance, installation, and other electrical work.

Modern Electrical Equipment

As licensed and seasoned electricians, highly skilled, trained, and equipped with modern techniques and top-grade tools to do the job beyond expectations.

Expert Preventive Maintenance

We can perform preventive maintenance to your electrical systems so you can have peace of mind and avoid potential damages in the future.

Professional Diagnosis of Your Electrical Systems

We are highly experienced in diagnosing issues in the electrical system. Our technicians have good problem-solving skills and can take necessary actions to address any problematic electrical components.

Superior Standards

We pride ourselves on our know-how, superior standard service quality, and time-tested techniques.

Why Choose Assurance Electrical Services?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Assurance Electrical Services, you’ll get an extra level of protection and peace of mind. As your go-to maintenance electricians, our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with our service.

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We show up on the time of service and work efficiently so you can get back to your day sooner.

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Seasoned Local Electricians

We are licensed, insured, highly-trained, and experienced local electricians!

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We Are Your Go-To Prescott Troubleshooting Electrician

Whenever you need electrical troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance, Assurance Electrical is the company to call. 

We are licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. We will provide you with the necessary electrical services you need to keep your electrical system safe.

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