RV Electrical Repair

Are you planning for a family vacation or road trip soon? Make sure that your recreational vehicle wouldn’t ruin the fun for you and your family!

Without a well-functioning electrical system, your recreational vehicle will not have access to power. You wouldn’t be able to enjoy a cup of hot coffee, connect to wi-fi, charge your mobile phone, turn on the lights, listen to music, and do other activities that require a power source.

But no worries, we’re here to help you get on the road safely! If you’re looking for a trusted mobile RV service in Prescott Valley, AZ, call Assurance Electrical Services today! 

With us, you’re assured to have your RV repaired to prevent safety, electrical, and security issues!

Our RV Electrical Repair Services In Prescott Valley

Our expert contractors here at Assurance Electrical services offer RV electrical repair services including, but not limited to the following:

  • Awnings (roof-like cover of the RV)
  • RV roof repair and installation
  • Air conditioner units
  • Generators
  • RV Appliances
  • 12V Electrical & LP Systems
  • Freshwater/blackwater tank and system
  • Exterior damages & paint
  • Wheel bearing & trailer brake repair
  • Trailer hitch/tow hitch/tow bar installation and wiring
  • Tow vehicle installation and wiring

Why Choose Our Mobile RV Service?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

With Assurance’s RV electrical repair services, you’ll get an extra level of protection and peace of mind. Our goal is to leave you 100% satisfied with our service.

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Licensed Electricians

Our mobile RV service technicians here at Assurance Electrical Services are licensed expert professionals in RV repair, maintenance, roof replacement, and sealing, and other electrical work related to recreational vehicles.

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Superior Standard

We pride ourselves on our know-how, superior standard service quality, and time-tested techniques. 

Since integrity is so important to us, we assure to give you efficient service for you and your family.

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We’ll troubleshoot issues over the phone and in person. Our mobile RV electrician will answer all your questions and guide you throughout the process to make sure that you only spend on the necessary repairs.

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Always On-Time

We show up on the time of service and work efficiently so you can get back to your day sooner.

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Our RV repair technicians are highly skilled, trained, and equipped with modern techniques and top-grade tools to do the job beyond expectations. We’ll make sure to restore your RV’s top performance.

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We Are Your Full-Service Electricians

RV electrical repairs need to be efficient and safe to keep the vehicle running and its passengers safe and comfortable.

Not everyone is capable of RV repairs. It is an advanced job and should not be a DIY project for everyone.

If your RV electrical system is malfunctioning, a trusted, licensed RV repair electrician can help you restore its smooth performance. 

Hire a trusted certified RV electrical repair contractor to do the job right. Call Assurance Electrical Services right now for your mobile RV service and many other electrical needs!

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