How To Hire The Best Electrical Installation Company

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Do you need to install an electrical outlet in your home or business? Need an electrical wiring upgrade or renovation in your building?

Then, you’ll need to hire a company offering electrical installation services! It could be tricky because even though there are thousands of local electrical contractors in the market, not everyone is licensed, trained, and experienced enough to cater to your electrical needs.

If you’re on the lookout for a great electrical installation company, this article will guide you on how to hire the most qualified one!

5 Qualities of Great Electrical Installation Company

1. They Comply With the Required Licenses, Bonds, and Insurance

This one is the most essential factor when choosing a professional team of electricians. They need to comply with the necessary licenses and bonds to ensure that they are skilled and well-trained to do the job properly, with compliance to high quality and safety standards.

Insurance is a must too. As professionals, they have to be responsible for any damages that you will incur when you get their services. 

Never trust anyone who couldn’t provide you a proof of their licenses, bonds, and insurance.

2. They Can Secure Permits and Inspections

Electrical service providers should be able to secure the necessary permits and inspections from your local authorities. They will ensure that proper documentation is present throughout the project. 

This factor will spare you from all the hassles you’ll get from going back and forth to the authorities just to secure the documents yourself.

3. They Have Enough Training and Experiences for Your Electrical Needs

There are two categories of licensed electricians: the journeyman and the master electrician.

While both types may seem similar, they have different training and experience that may or may not fit your electrical needs

The journeyman can do installations and troubleshooting of electrical wiring and equipment. The master electrician, on the other hand, has already surpassed the journeyman stage and can perform full electrical duties of any size and complexity.

Besides, there are also three different types of electricians: residential, commercial, and industrial electricians.  

Commercial and industrial electricians have the know-how in electrical projects in business areas, while residential electricians are the expert professionals in household electricity issues.

Before signing the electrical wiring and installation services of a company, make sure to ask about their team’s skills and experience. See if they match with your electrical needs.

4. They Have Good Reputation and Reviews

A former customer’s experience is always the best proof of the quality of service a business can provide.

Research the reputation of your prospective electrical services provider. Ask your neighbors and friends. Check out their online reviews. 

You can also ask the company directly for references. A good professional service provider will be glad to provide you one.

5. Communication and Work Ethic on Their Projects

Upon inquiring about their wiring and installation services, you can immediately tell if they are professional enough to assist you. 

Are they friendly, courteous, and excited to help you? Do they respond immediately to your concerns?

As professionals, they should have the right work etiquette when providing their services in every project they take. Observe if they show up on time at your meetings. If they’re going to be late, they need to inform you as soon as possible.

Questions to Ask an Electric Service Provider

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These questions will give you an idea of what you could expect from your prospective service provider for your electrical wiring and power upgrade needs!

  1. Do you have a license to work in my state?
  2. Do you have insurance?
  3. Do you provide a warranty for your electrical projects?
  4. What are your skills and experiences relevant to my electric and power needs?
  5. Can you give me a detailed quotation of your rates, project cost, and timeframes?
  6. Who’s going to do the actual work? The journeyman or the master electrician?
  7. Can you show me the feedback from your previous clients?
  8. Are you usually on time and on-call?

Hire the Best Electrical Installation and Wiring Contactor Now!

Be it an upgrade on your wiring and outlets, or a major fix on your electric panel and systems, hiring an electrical contractor with high-quality services is a must. Doing this will make you feel confident and worry-free about the safety of your establishment’s electric needs, regardless of its size.

If you need a professional for your home or commercial establishment’s electric systems, make sure to follow the guidelines listed above to spare yourself from unwanted damages and accidents later on.

If you live near Prescott Valley, AZ, Assurance Electrical Services is the best electrical service company for your electrical systems. 

Our team of licensed, seasoned electricians are here to help you with integrity and accountability, 24/7. Contact us today for a detailed quotation of our high-quality services!

Got any questions about electrical upgrades and installations? Ask them out in the comments section below!

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