Electrician Prices: The Accurate Guide

electrician prices

When you have an electrical emergency at home, do you have a local electrician you can trust on your speed dial? 

Before you get in touch with one, it’s good to keep yourself aware of the average costs you have to pay when your home is serviced by a professional electrician. 

As with any labor-intensive service, you can’t always expect to save money and receive quality work when you go for the cheapest price. 

Dive into our accurate guide to know the average cost of the most common electrical jobs in 2020!

How Much Do Electricians Charge Per Hour?

Many factors affect the electricians’ hourly rate, but the national average for electrical repairs and services is around $100/hour.

The first half-hour of a service call is more expensive than the electrician’s flat hourly rate. This is typically included with every service call and you can expect to pay around $120.

Through service call pricing, electricians can cover their travel expenses and parts they carry with them for quick jobs.

You should confirm with the electrician about their service call rate when you request an initial quote. 

Other than the initial call, there are also a few other things that influence the rates: 

Time of Service

Typically, licensed electrician prices are based on regularly scheduled work performed during the workweek.

Unfortunately, problems don’t often call ahead and let you know they are going to happen! 

The normal electrician hourly rate will increase for services completed on weekends, holidays, or during an emergency. 

Distance and Location

Your zip code is going to play a role in the final cost for your electrical work. 

Each part of the state in which you live has different gas prices, taxes, and costs for materials, which are all rolled into your bill.

If the electrician does not have the parts readily available during the initial inspection, then an estimated cost to complete the work with all the required parts will be presented to you.

This will also include ordering parts or picking them up at a local supplier.

If you live in remote or difficult to access areas, expect additional cost in your electrical pricing as well. 

Expertise and Experience

As with any home maintenance service, you get what you pay for when you hire an electrician.

This is the benefit of hiring a licensed professional as opposed to a handyman or friend who wants to help you out.

Be prepared to pay higher rates for an electrician who has all the appropriate qualifications, training, experience, and insurance.

Depending on the service you need, you can look into hiring these kinds of electricians: 

Apprentice Electrician

To gain the required experience, an apprentice electrician will work for an electrical company under the supervision of a master or journeyman electrician.

The electrical company will cover the insurance costs of the apprentice while working on approved projects. 

Journeyman and Master Electricians

The master electrician and the journeyman electrician are both licensed. The difference between the two is the number of years of experience each has.  

They can work independently from a company but will need to supply their liability insurance. 

Hiring an electrical company for your electric projects can provide you the expertise of a master or journeyman electrician to provide the high-level work you prefer.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix Electrical Problems in a House?

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According to the latest 2020 mid-year cost estimates, here’s the most up-to-date information on the cost to install and repair the most common electrical projects.

Note: The following are only estimates that do not include the factors mentioned above.

To know the accurate price for the specific service you need, it’s best to contact your local electricians

What is the cost to replace an outlet or light switch? 

Replacing an electrical outlet or light switch is a pretty simple project for an electrician to do and you may be paying a lot more for a short visit. 

It’s best to roll this project into a larger project to help stretch your dollar further.

Otherwise, you may be looking at a $150 bill for this job.

How Much to Install a Light Fixture?

Light fixtures such as:

  • A chandelier in the dining room
  • Vanity lighting for the bathroom
  • Recessed lighting by the front door
  • A ceiling fan in the bedroom 

…come in at an average of $250 for a light fixture install.

The factors that will increase this figure is the complexity of the install:

  • The number of fixtures and ceiling fans to be installed 
  • The kind of installation (eg. smart home or large upgrades required) 
  • Electrical wiring requirements

How Much is New Wiring for a Whole House?

A new wiring or rewiring project is a case by case scenario as each home differs in age, size, and existing electrical panel setup and condition

For a larger project like this one, ask your electrician if there’s a difference to pay a day rate as opposed to a per-hour charge to see if there is a cost-saving benefit.

Let’s break down the costs included in a wiring project:

Labor Costs

Your whole-house wiring project is no small feat. Hiring licensed, bonded, and insured electricians are highly recommended. 

With a higher level of experience and quality of work, a bigger budget is expected. 

The size of your home will also determine the total cost. An average cost for labor can range between $1,500 – $8,000.


To give yourself an idea of how much a home rewire may run you, calculate the square footage of your home and multiply it by $1.5-3.75, which is the average cost to wire a home per square foot. 

Additional Costs 

If you have ever done any work on your home,  you know that you can always expect the unexpected.

That’s why it is recommended to consider budgeting more than the estimate, especially if you have an older home.

A professional and trusted electrician should update you about the cost along the way. 

To avoid another service call in the future, check with your electrician if your home electrical panel or wiring systems need upgrades.  

Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

When it comes down to your expected expenses for your electric project, consider all the factors that will be included in the final invoice.

Communicating with your electrician is the key to keep surprise expenses to a minimum along with an expected time of completion.

Curious to know more about electrician day rate and prices? Leave your questions and comments below! 

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