How Much Do Home Generators Cost in Arizona?

how much do home generators cost

The value of a house generator can only be determined during a power outage. An extended power outage in Arizona can be incredibly frustrating for remote workers, costing them time and energy.

This is one of the reasons why a whole-house generator is so important for homeowners. However, not many know the price to install such a piece of equipment, making people wonder, “how much do home generators cost, anyway?”

Surprisingly, it’s not a lot. The initial home generator installation costs might be high, but it’s worth it in the long run. Those seeking budget-friendlier options can opt for smaller machines instead.

What Is a Whole House Generator?

Electricity outages can last for an entire day, if not more. The issue gets worse during severe weather conditions when the electrical lines get damaged by strong winds. Situations like this can be easily avoided if your property has whole-house generators. Now, you only need one for your home; however, the size of your property can determine if a single backup generator will be enough.

A whole house generator can also be known as a standby generator, so it’s best to consider them as one tool other than two products. This tool is a stationary appliance that can be used during extended power outages across Arizona.

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How Much Do Home Generators Cost?

Generac home generator

The price of standby generators can vary from brand to brand; however, homeowners can expect most models to cost less than $20,000. You can also find alternatives that fall under $10,000 too. Here are some factors that can impact the installation cost of generators in Arizona:

SizeThe tool’s size is one factor that determines how much it will cost. Solar-powered generators tend to be large, making installations time-consuming and burdensome too. On the other hand, portable generators tend to be smaller, so you can install them on your own too. As a result, such generator costs are significantly lower than solar machines.
ManufacturerAs we mentioned before, the brand is one factor determining the price of a whole-house generator. Cost and quality-wise, Generac is highly-recommended to homeowners.  You can also expect Generac home backup generators to run on natural gas or liquid propane.

Note that the features offered by the manufacturers will vary. There’s no guarantee that the most expensive model will have the best features, so purchase one that works for your needs.
WattageAnother important factor that changes the cost to install a backup generator is the wattage supplied to your home’s electrical panel.

A backup generator offering up to 2,000 watts can only power a single appliance, which is disappointing. At the same time, you will have to add fuel to the machine frequently to prevent burnout.

On the other hand, compact generators can provide homeowners with a maximum of 6,500 watts—enough to last a single day. This range is alright if the power cut is for a short duration. Portable generators are also ideal if you lack space in your home. Owners can easily install the machine independently, but DIY-ing the process can risk short circuits. It’s always wiser to rely on trained professional contractors like us.

Larger homes should opt for a standby generator that can provide at least 15 to 18 kilowatts of electricity. This range should supply energy throughout the property for more than a day. However, the installation costs for this type of generator are more than $10,000.

How Whole House Generators Work

A backup generator doesn’t require manual operation. You can expect the tool to switch to transfer mode within seconds of an outage automatically. Power is supplied to the main electrical panel, providing the entire house with backup power. You can check the amount of energy consumed by the machine on your home’s electrical system.

Some machines operate on natural gas, while others can run on propane. You can expect a natural gas generator to cost more than liquid propane generators, so consider their differences before installation. No matter which model you opt for, remember to check the gas meter on the utility grid now and then to prevent the machine from burning out.

Other Types of Generators Available on the Market

There are multiple variations to a generator, with most ranging from super expensive to cheap. Other than whole-house generators, here are two more popular variations for properties in Arizona:

Portable Generator

portable generator

Homeowners on a tight budget can consider purchasing a portable model instead of an enormous alternative. Such a machine might not be able to supply power throughout your entire home, but it can provide electricity to specific outlets. On the other hand, portable generator prices are also low, making them a cost-effective substitute for a diesel generator.

Are Portable Generators Worth Installing?

Most portable generators operate on your home’s existing gas line. However, you can also find models that run on liquid propane. 

While the average cost of installing a compact generator is low, other risks are associated with it. Firstly, a portable alternative can never supply backup power to your entire home, so it’s best not to install one in areas with frequent electricity outages. However, compact machines can power a sump pump and other small appliances.

On the other hand, improper usage can cause carbon monoxide poisoning inside your property. It is vital to ensure proper maintenance in your house if you want to prevent lethal carbon monoxide poisoning.

Solar Generator

solar panels for generator

This other type of generator operates on solar energy, making it an eco-friendly alternative to modern machines. There is an inverter inside the tool, which converts energy to alternating current (AC) with the flick of a transfer switch. Having solar generators permanently installed on your property can produce electricity during long-term outages. You don’t need a natural gas line connected to the machine.

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Work With the Pros

Frequent power outages can drive homeowners to make hasty decisions when purchasing generators. Make sure to rely on a professional contractor to install a generator instead of doing it yourself. Hire an expert who complies with local building codes too. 

Assurance Electrical’s generator contractors are prompt and trustworthy, providing customers with quality service. We are an authorized dealer of GENERAC generators, a reputable brand for quality solar, backup, and whole-house generators. 

If you want to hire licensed and highly-experienced electrical, solar, and generator contractors, contact us today!

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