LED lighting for Your Home: The Pros and Cons

led lighting for homes

In recent times, there has been a big emphasis placed on the environment, so it follows that homeowners are turning to the “greenest” products they can find. A LED light, with its energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, is making it the lighting of choice. Assurance Electrical Services shares the pros and cons of LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting for your Prescott home’s light bulbs.

When it comes to any product, there are both pros and cons. LED technology is no exception.

Pros and Cons of LEDs (Light Emitting Diode)

Energy Efficient Light BulbsCost is a bit pricier than incandescent and fluorescent lighting
Less Electricity to Start Up the LED LightSensitive in terms of temperature
Long LifespanColor Limitations in Some Cases
Design FlexibilityLEDs can’t provide a spherical light field
Dimming Fixture
Color Range

Advantages of LED Lighting

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Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

An LED lamp offers between 80-90% energy efficiency in contrast to traditional incandescent bulbs. In other words, when the LED lamp is turned on, about 80% of the energy used to illuminate actually goes into creating the light, while the other 20% is given off as heat.

This results in high efficiency both in terms of the energy used and money being spent on electricity. As a bonus, LED products emit much less heat, making them safer and long-lasting bulbs as they’re cool to the touch.

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Less Electricity to Start Up the LED Light

Standard 60-watt incandescent lights will use about 525 kWh of electricity per year. However, a comparable LED lamp will only need to use about 65 kWh of electricity, so you can consider using these lights for your next project.

Long Lifespan

A standard incandescent light bulb will last anywhere from 750 to 2,000 hours. A fluorescent lamp will provide about 20,000 hours of light. However, some LED products can last for as long as 100,000 hours!

Design Flexibility

One of the best things about this lighting type (aside from the brightness it offers), is that it can be used in any way you consider appropriate. Some people, for example, like to string together several LED lights to make a shape. There are many design options when it comes to an LED fixture, so make sure to let your creativity flow.

Dimming Fixture

If you shop for an LED light for your space, you may notice that some products allow you to dim them to get less light intensity. If you dim your lights, not only do you promote energy saving, but you’re also increasing the lifespan of the lighting products.

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Color Range

A remarkable thing about LED lighting, and one of the things that makes this product more appealing to a younger audience, is that LEDs can change colors without the need for gels or filters. This means you can turn your indoor or outdoor space into an amazing area for gatherings.

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Disadvantages of LED Lighting

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Even though over recent years, the price point for LED lamps has continued to drop, it is still a bit pricier than incandescent and fluorescent lighting. This factor could potentially make the installation of LED lighting more costly than the budgets some people can bear.


LED lighting has also been found to be sensitive in terms of temperature. How well an LED functions can be directly related to the temperature in which it is located. If LED lights are used in a warm environment, it may cause the lamp to overdrive and fail. Because of this, LEDs generally require a heat sink to help keep them cool and operating properly.

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Color Limitations in Some Cases

Overall, LED lamps generally create white light using diodes of different colors that make white light when they’re all illuminated together. In the past, this has sometimes led to the color emitted by an LED lamp being a bit too blueish or cool. Modern technology has corrected a lot of this. However, sometimes, the LEDs themselves can begin to diminish in terms of the color quality of the light produced.

Area Light Source

Most homes require a spherical light field, which is something that LEDs can’t provide since they don’t approximate a point source of light. They use a Lambertian distribution instead.

How to Choose the Best LED Lighting Fixtures

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There are dozens of different products on the market, including the famous Energy Star products. However, when it comes to LEDs, you may have to dig a bit deeper to find something that appeals to your needs. The following is a list of things you should consider before choosing your next LED lighting fixtures:

  • List all the bulbs you’ll need: You don’t have to switch your entire home to LED lighting. Overall, all you have to do is choose the rooms you want to have. Think about the rooms you want, and then make a list of all the LED fixtures you’ll have to purchase. You’ll be surprised to know how many light bulb fixtures you have at your property, so make sure you choose an appropriate amount of LEDs to purchase.
  • Consider the product’s label: Most LED products come with all the information you need in their package. Some of the factors you must consider include Light Appearance, Brightness, and more. If you don’t read the label, you risk your LEDs not having the right lighting for your home.
  • Choose between “warm” or “cool”: In the “Light Appearance” part of the package, you’ll see the color temperature you will receive from the LED light. Table lamps or other small items may do okay with a 2,700 K to 3,000 K LED to work, whereas bigger rooms will need bulbs with at least 5,000 K for cooler lighting.
  • Consider enclosed fixtures: Enclosed fixtures may need different LED technology since the heat they produce could damage the electronics inside the bulb, damaging it completely. If you’re looking for LEDs for enclosed fixtures, make sure to read the product’s label to ensure it’s the right one to shop.

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Is LED lighting best for your home?

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Weigh the pros against the cons and decide. Assurance Electrical Services hopes this discussion of LED lighting for your Prescott home is helpful to you. If you need any kind of electrical work or consultation, call Assurance Electrical Services at 928-713-2177.

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