4 Types of Outlets for Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

Install an electrical outlet
Assurance Electrical Services can upgrade the outlets at your Prescott home to make sure you are up to code.

If you have just moved into a new home, want to update your current home, or are getting ready to sell your home, you have probably considered updating the electrical outlets. This is a simple and affordable method of giving your home a modern aesthetic. Though it is a small change, this small detail gives your home a fresh look and feel. Assurance Electrical Services examines various types of outlets to upgrade your Prescott home.

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Most homeowners do not keep up-to-date on building code. You may be aware of GFCI outlets (ground fault circuit interrupter), but did you know they are a requirement in kitchens and bathrooms? The GFCI shuts off power to an outlet if there is a short circuit or ground fault.

For example, if you were using an appliance in your kitchen and water spilled on the floor over your feet, a short circuit could allow electricity to pass through you to the floor. The GFCI outlet shuts off power before this can happen thereby protecting you from electrocution.

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20 Amp Outlet

There are many appliances that may require additional power. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, and clothes dryers are all examples of power-hogging appliances. Appliances such as these should use an outlet that supplies 20 amps. These outlets provide the necessary power for the appliance without blowing a fuse. One way to recognize a 20 amp fuse is by the notch on the left outlet prong.

Switched Outlets

If you do not want constant power to an outlet, a switched outlet may be the right choice for you. The switched outlet includes a switch and an outlet in the same unit. This allows you to manually turn the power off whenever you may need.

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USB and Smart Outlets

Technology is rapidly changing and electrical outlets are being updated to meet the demands of modern homes. USB outlets typically include two USB ports on an outlet between the top and bottom prongs. This gives you the ability to plug in your mobile device or tablet without needing an adaptor.

Another new advancement in outlet technology is the Smart outlet. This outlet gives you the ability to control the power to your outlet from your phone via a wifi connection. A pretty handy feature when you’re away from home.

Need Help in Electrical Upgrades?

Regardless of the outlet you choose, it is important to have your electrical system inspected by a licensed professional. Different outlets may have different requirements that need to be met. If you are considering new outlets as electrical upgrades in your Prescott home, call Assurance Electrical Services at 928-713-2177.

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