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Has a power outage left you in the dark? Have you spent hours with no access to your electrical devices or had to throw away spoiled food? You’ll need a home generator to provide backup power when storms cause damage to power lines, or construction work leads to damaged cables.

Look to the experts in Prescott, Az, if you’re interested in backup power for your home. Assurance Electrical is a Generac-authorized partner and distributor, the leading manufacturer of home backup generators, solar generators, and backup generators

We offer the resources and experience you need, so whether you require a new Generac generator or need to have one repaired, Assurance Electrical is the company to call!

Why Should You Install a Standby Generator for Your Home?

If you’re happy being without essential appliances and an internet connection during power outages, the chances are that you won’t need a backup generator. However, if you’re tired of being in the dark or losing precious time when working from home, the chances are that you might be looking for a change.

Before installing a backup generator, you should familiarize yourself with our company and the generators we have to offer. 

A Power Outage Means No Access to Important Electrical Equipment

power outage

Power outages aren’t just inconvenient; they’re also incredibly frustrating. What’s more, many people rely on their internet connection, computer, and other digital devices to work from home. Others have to throw away thousands of dollars of spoiled food without proper refrigeration or do without life-saving medical devices.

A standby generator will help keep your home’s essential appliances working, including lights, refrigerators, and even crucial medical equipment.


There’s a Risk of Flooding


Thunderstorms produce rain, which can result in floods. Fortunately, your home’s sump pump will protect you from flooding. That is until there’s a power outage.

Without power, your electric sump pump will not work. However, if you have a backup generator, you could use it to keep the sump pump working and prevent flooding in the basement during severe storms.


Power Outages Can Leave You Feeling Helpless

Nobody enjoys feeling helpless in a crisis. One approach to prepare for the unexpected is to have a home backup generator. You won’t be reliant on the locally-powered systems and can rest easy knowing that your home will continue running and your family will be comfortable until the electricity is restored.

Home Generators from Generac

A Generac generator can help you tackle these challenges. These backup generators are among the best quality and most durable generators currently available.

Generac has been manufacturing generators for more than 60 years and is the industry leader in solar-powered generators. With options ranging from liquid-cooled generators to portable generators, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect backup solution!

Get GENERAC Home Generators from Assurance Electrical Services

You can keep important electrical equipment, such as fridges, freezers, and sump pumps, working with a dependable generator.

We can assist you if you are looking for a Generac generator for your home in Prescott. Here are some of the products we provide as an official Generac distributor.

Home Backup Power

Home Generators

When the power goes out, you won’t have to miss out on a thing! Your home will be protected automatically, thanks to an automatic transfer switch when you choose a permanently installed Generac home backup generator. With a reliable generator, you can power up to eight circuits!

Clean Energy – Choose Solar Power or Liquid Propane/Natural Gas!

clean energy

Generac uses an energy-saving PWRcell that employs ground-breaking technology to collect and store power, whether it comes from solar panels or the electrical grid. It lets you use this stored energy during periods of high demand when electricity rates are high, lowering your utility bill and saving you money!

Some Generac home backup generators use liquid propane or natural gas as a fuel supply, so you can save your gas cans for fueling your outdoor power equipment!

Portable Generators

Portable Home Generators

If you’re happy to have a few devices powered for a short period until the electricity is restored, you can opt for a Generac portable generator. Although these generators are smaller than a home generator, they pack a good punch, offering a high power output.

Pressure Washers

Pressure Washers

It’s often necessary to clean years of grime off surfaces, whether the surface is your solar generator or garage. In addition to our electrical services, we also provide a complete selection of power washers.

Generac Chore

Generac Chore

Generac offers more than just powerful generators for home power. The Generac chore equipment is the solution to your household requirements, with a variety of dependable power cords and batteries that you can use during power outages.

Parts and Accessories

If your Generac home generator needs to have a part replaced, we have you covered! Assurance Electrical Services will repair and replace any damaged or worn parts, offering you the full assurance that your air or liquid-cooled generator is working as it should.

Why Choose Assurance Electrical Services?

Wondering why you should choose us to handle your  generator installation? Here are some of the reasons why you can count on Assurance Electrical to take care of your home standby generators installations:

generator electrician

Seasoned Local Electricians

At Assurance Electrical Services, we have extensive experience with local and global technology and do our research to find technology that will work well for residents in Prescott, Arizona. We are proud Generac partners and have a working knowledge of Generac products, so you can turn to us for advice!

If you’re ready to find a backup power solution for your home, contact Assurance Electric Services today. We’ll help you find the right home backup generator to suit your needs and budget!

solar-powered generator installation

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Assurance Electrical Services, we don’t just install generators to make a profit. Our team is dedicated to providing service of the highest quality and ensuring that we leave our clients fully satisfied with their new home backup generator!


Always On Time


We understand how frustrating it can be to wait for a service provider to get started on a job, which is why we pride ourselves on punctuality and timeous delivery. You won’t have to wait for weeks to have your backup generator installed or repaired when you choose Assurance Electrical Services!

We Are Your Go-To Prescott Generator Electrician

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Assurance Electrical Services not only knows the local market–the company has been in the business of green electricity for over twenty years. With locations in California and Arizona, Assurance is proud to be a certified partner of Generac generators and a leader in solar technology. 

Our combined experience and connections have provided many happy customers with clean, renewable energy over the years. As we continue to grow and expand our business, we look forward to serving construction sites, businesses, and personal homes in the Prescott area. 

If you are interested in a solar power investment for your home or business, contact Assurance Electric Services today for a quote and more information. We’ll help you transform your energy bills and your environmental impact! 

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