Electrical Hookup for RV Home: A Quick Guide

hookup for an RV at home
hookup for an RV at home

Many Prescott residents own an RV. While some have chosen to rent storage space for their RV, many homeowners park their RV at their home. This offers many benefits over traditional storage.

Even if you park your RV elsewhere, you still bring your RV to your home before and after your trip, and may need to plug in to get things ready or clean up. It is important to be prepared before bringing your new “home away from home” to your “I like where I live” home. One of the most important preparations is having the right electrical hookups. Assurance Electrical Services wants you to know what it takes to get your new RV hooked up to your home power.

Dedicated Breaker

You may be tempted to use an extension cord and plug into the nearest outlet of your home. This can create many issues both for your home and your RV. The first step is to give your RV a dedicated outlet. A dedicated outlet will prevent you from overloading your home’s electrical system.

Without a dedicated line, you may blow breakers in your home’s electrical panel or damage appliances that share a breaker with the RV. With the proper power requirements, you can simultaneously operate multiple appliances inside your RV. This is especially helpful right before setting off on a big trip, so you can make certain everything is in working order.

Know Your Amperage

The flip side to the electrical equation is the safety of your new RV. Your RV will have a 30 amp or 50 amp electrical system. This can be determined by checking your owners manual or by looking at the prongs on the power cord.

A 3-prong connector means your RV requires 30 amp while a 4-prong means it is 50 amp. Attempting to draw too much or too little power from your home may result in blown fuses, damaged appliances, and heartache from damaging your new RV.

Having the proper electrical hookup is essential for plugging in your RV at your Prescott home. Assurance Electrical Services can send a licensed and trained electrician to get your home ready in no time. We will also let you know if your main breaker cannot handle the additional power load.

If you have questions about running a dedicated breaker for your RV, or for any other electrical needs at your home or business, call us at 928-713-2177.

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