Portable Generators

Are power outages costing your business money? The good news is that you can use a portable generator for backup power to keep your lights and electrical equipment running during a blackout.

If you need a standby generator that will provide reliable commercial or home backup power, you can look for professionals to help you choose the right one and get it up and running. 

Assurance Electrical Services is an official partner of Generac, a leader in residential and commercial generators. Whether you need a new portable generator or have an existing generator engine repaired, we can help!

Before looking at other Generac companies, get to know us and find out how we can help you set up your generator.

Why You Need a Portable Generator for Your Home or Business

Portable Generators

If you’re okay with losing money or sitting around in the dark when the power goes out, the chances are that you wouldn’t need a portable generator. However, owning one of these devices can have a number of benefits for both businesses and homeowners.

Keep the Lights on During a Power Outage

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A blackout can affect more than just your ability to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the entire home. You can also lose your ability to work if you rely on technology. However, with a generator, you can keep essential equipment running no matter how long it takes for the power supply to return.

Portable Alternatives Are More Affordable Than Home Backup Generators

An automatic standby generator is designed to be connected to your home’s electrical system. It has an automatic transfer switch that turns it on whenever the power goes out. While these generators are the perfect addition to any home, they can be more expensive, so if you need a cheaper, more portable alternative, you can turn to a portable generator.

Operate Equipment in Remote Areas

Portable generators aren’t just great for blackouts but can also help you operate electrical equipment wherever you are. Do you have a repair job in a remote area or need to connect your devices while camping in the wilderness? A portable Generac generator can help you do just that.

Prevent Damage with Backup Power

The truth is that not having power can be dangerous. There’s a risk of flooding, mold formation from a lack of ventilation, and more. You can keep your sump pump and other essential safety features running with generator power!

Keep Your Business Running

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When the power goes out, many business operations come to a screeching halt. Whether you run a manufacturing plant or a retail store, having no electricity can cost you big time. However, with a generator, you can keep your company running to prevent any losses during power outages.

Generac Portable Generators

generac Portable Generator

With a high-performing, reliable generator from Generac Power Systems Inc., you can receive these benefits and more. As one of the leaders in the industry, Generac provides a range of solutions for businesses and homeowners with an impressive list of products.

The brand has been in business for over 60 years, so when you choose Generac generators, you know you’re getting the best.

Get Generac Portable Generators from Assurance Electrical Services!

When it comes to generators, there are a number of different sizes and a vast wattage range to choose from, so selecting one that’s best for you can be tricky. Moreover, you will also have to choose between natural gas and liquid propane generators, so knowing which one to buy for your home or business can be confusing.

While it’s possible to do a cart comparison when making online orders, the vast majority of people who order generators with no prior knowledge find that they are disappointed with their choice.

Fortunately, you can count on Assurance Electrical Services, a prominent electrical company in Arizona, and an authorized dealer of Generac generators.

If you want a generator that will last several years, let our experts at Assurance Electrical help you find a reliable Generac generator for your home or business!

Replacement Parts

Do you already have a generator that isn’t working? We can help you repair it. At Assurance Electrical Services, we also supply generator parts, so you can count on our team to help you get your generator up and running again.

Our reliable team of technicians will also provide you with advice on how to prevent and detect a gas leak and help you get the most out of your generator.

Why Choose Assurance Electrical Services?

With so many companies on the market, you might be wondering whether Assurance Electrical Services is the right service provider for you. Here’s why you should choose us for your next generator project:

Portable Generator electricians

Seasoned Local Electricians

Our team is committed to providing professional service to the people of Prescott, Arizona. We will not leave until we are sure that you are satisfied with your generator.

Whatever your needs are, we will help you reach your goals!


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our team of electricians is experienced and has handled everything from fixing generator overloads to installing new generators. You can trust us to take care of all your generator needs!

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Always On Time

We pride ourselves on arriving on time and getting the job done on time so you can enjoy your generator without delay! Timeous, high-quality delivery is at the heart of everything we do.

We Are Your Go-To Prescott Generator Electrician

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With years of experience working with both local and international technology, Assurance Electrical Services does considerable research to find equipment that will be useful to the people of Prescott, Arizona.

You can trust our advice because we are committed Generac partners and are familiar with its product line.

Contact Assurance Electric Services if you’re ready to choose a portable generator for your business or home. We’ll help you to find the ideal generator to meet your requirements and price range!

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