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Are power outages putting a damper on your business operations? Suppose you’re losing valuable time and money because you don’t have standby power. In that case, you’ll need a commercial standby generator to provide backup power to keep your business up and running.

If you’re hoping to install standby generators in Prescott, Arizona, you should look to the experts to take care of the installation. Assurance Electrical Services is an official partner of Generac, a leader in residential and commercial generators.

We have the know-how and experience necessary to take care of large-scale generator installations. Whether you need to install a new standby generator or have an existing generator engine repaired, we can help!

Who Needs a Commercial Generator?

If your business doesn’t rely on electricity for its major operations, the chances are that you won’t need a commercial generator when there is a utility power outage.

However, if your company relies on electrical systems for manufacturing, offices, and retail operations, you may be looking for a solution.

You Want to Protect Your Inventory and Revenue During an Outage

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Many security systems, cold rooms, machinery, computer systems, and more rely on utility power to protect inventory and generate an income. However, when the power goes out for several hours, this can result in the loss of thousands of dollars.

You Need to Keep the Lights, AC, and Heat in Your Establishment

Keep the Lights

Utilities play an essential role in many work environments, helping to preserve your assets and ensuring that staff members are cared for. When there is no electricity, it could lead to a number of problems, including fires!

Your Business’ Communication and Computer Systems Need Power 24/7

Most companies rely on several modes of communication to ensure that their business runs smoothly. From telephone lines to email communications, a disruption in these electrical systems could have a ripple effect that causes delay and costs you money.

You Want Your Customers to Keep Coming Back

The truth is that no one wants to shop in a retail store in the dark or be unable to pay using their bank cards. Having no standby power could turn customers away and keep them from coming back.

Your Business Simply Can’t Afford Any Possible Power Outage

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Time is money, and every minute counts when you’re running a business which means that many companies simply cannot afford to have any downtime.

Generators have an automatic transfer switch that turns it on in just seconds. When the power goes off, you won’t lose money because of power outages!

Commercial Generators from Generac

Generac generators are designed to address these issues and provide your business power, even during an outage. You can trust a Generac generator to keep your essential equipment and electrical systems running because the manufacturer has been in the generator business for over 60 years!

From natural gas single-phase generators to diesel-powered alternatives, You can rest assured that Generac has a commercial generator to meet your needs!

Get Generac Commercial Generators from Assurance Electrical Services

Assurance Electrical is an official Generac distributor with extensive experience installing and repairing commercial generators.

As an official Generac partner, here are some of the products we offer:

Business Standby

Business Standby

Your business operations wouldn’t need to stop during a power outage. You can accept an e-check, ensure that your modes of communication are fully functional, and keep essential computer equipment running with a standby generator.

Industrial Natural Gas, LP, or Diesel-fueled Generators

industrial generator

If you run a manufacturing plant, downtime could cost you thousands of dollars! You can keep your essential industry-grade equipment up and running with an industrial generator. These large generators are designed to use natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel as fuel sources – you can choose a fuel source that best suits your needs.

Mobile Generators

Mobile Generators

A portable generator may be a more suitable option if you own a small business. It allows you to power the most important equipment without spending a lot on a standby generator, and you can move it around from one place to another as needed!

Light Towers

light towers

Suppose your primary concern is providing enough lighting for your employees or customers to see what they’re doing. In that case, you won’t have to search for an industrial generator. Instead, you can choose a Generac light tower to provide adequate lighting.



You can also add a Generac oil heater kit to your standby generators to give your business power and heat at the same time.



If your business depends on pumps, you’ll be happy to know that Generac provides a number of pumps that offer energy efficiency. You can connect the pump to the generator to continue working when the power goes out.

Why Choose Assurance Electrical Services?

From single-phase to three-phase generators, Assurance Electrical can help you install the commercial generator your business needs. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us:

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Seasoned Local Electricians

Commercial generator installation is no task to be taken lightly. It requires skill and experience, two qualities that are synonymous with Assurance Electrical Services.

Our technicians are insured, licensed, well-trained, and ready to take on any industrial job!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Assurance Electrical Services, you have the assurance that we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time. The team understands how important a commercial generator is to a business, which is why we always ensure that you are 100% satisfied with our services before we leave!


Always On Time

Assurance Electrical knows how important it is to have a generator installed, which is why we waste no time responding to a call. We’ll have your commercial standby generator up and running in no time, so you can run your business with complete assurance.

We Are Your Go-To Prescott Generator Electrician

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Assurance Electrical Services has been in the industry long enough to know how to take care of commercial generator installation of any kind, whether you need a natural gas generator or an LP-powered option. We do our research to uncover technology that would perform effectively for homeowners in Prescott, Arizona.

As proud Generac partners, we have an in-depth understanding of Generac products, so you can count on us for reliable advice when you need to install a commercial standby generator!

Contact Assurance Electric Services immediately if you’re looking for a backup power solution for your factory, office building, or retail store, and we’ll assist you in finding the best commercial generator within your budget!

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