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Are you looking for a cheaper yet more efficient alternative to reduce your electric bills at home?

Solar power might be the answer to your problem!

Rooftop solar energy systems are becoming more affordable and efficient, making them an incredible investment for homeowners.

Assurance Electrical Services is your local provider of residential solar energy systems in Prescott, AZ! 

How Do Solar Panels Work?

The sun emits tiny amounts of energy called photons which travel to Earth in around 8.5 minutes.

These photons create enough solar energy each hour to supply the world’s annual energy needs.

More people are able to take advantage of the sun’s infinite energy through improvements in solar technology.

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic modules, contain many photovoltaic cells that capture and convert sunlight’s energy into usable electricity when it hits a solar equipment.

Direct current (DC) electricity goes to a micro-inverter (or solar inverter) which converts it into alternating current (AC). This will supply power for your home.

The number of panels installed will determine how much electricity is produced. Any additional energy generated is sent to your utility network. This is a significant benefit as you will be able to receive utility credits for any extra solar energy generated!

Certified Solar Installers Near Me With Quality Service

From installation to repair and maintenance of rooftop solar panels, we take pride in providing affordable and personalized services without compromising quality and efficiency.

Assurance Electrical Services is a Prescott solar contractor that promotes renewable energy at its best price. Our services include business and home solar system installation, repair, and maintenance. 

Start your energy independence, save money, and see your annual savings increase for choosing clean energy!

Aside from our solid solar industry experience, we take pride in using only the best solar equipment to give you efficient and long-lasting new systems and a higher return on investments.

So if you’re asking yourself, “who among these solar installers near me is the most dependable?” Assurance Electrical Services is your go-to contractor when it comes to anything solar here in Prescott, AZ!

Solar System Solutions We Offer In Prescott, AZ

We Deliver Efficient Energy For Your Peace of Mind

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Solar Installation

Installing rooftop solar panels at home requires some expertise. Consulting with solar companies near you ensures that the procedure is done according to safety and quality standards.

Leave your rooftop solar installation needs in the hands of our experts here at Assurance Electrical Services. Before proceeding with the installation of solar panels, we’ll assist you in assessing the following:

  • Your power needs (based on your previous electric bill and appliances present in your home)
  • Sun hours in your area (more sun hours means more energy)
  • Your home’s size and design (a bigger roof can accommodate more solar panels)

Solar panel installations are a lifelong investment. Let us help you determine your solar panel pricing, savings, financing options, and the system that best fits your home’s needs.

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Solutions We Offer For Your Solar Panels

  • Solar Panel Removal
  • Reinstallation
  • Solar Battery Installation and Replacement

Solar System Repair and Maintenance

We offer full solar panel repair and maintenance services in Prescott, AZ. Reach out to us if you see any of these signs on your solar systems:

  • Broken solar panels
  • Low and irregular power production
  • Cracks and hot spots in your solar panel
  • Ice buildup
  • Bird droppings on your solar panels
  • Red light in your inverter
  • Loose wiring
  • Dust and debris in your solar panels

The Benefits of Going Solar

From installation to repair and maintenance of solar panels, we take pride in providing affordable and personalized services without compromising the quality and efficiency of the entire project!

The 7 Benefits of Solar Energy:

  1. Positive environmental impacts. Clean and green usable electricity without the harmful greenhouse gasses!
  2. Cheaper energy bill. The sun’s energy is generally free and readily available.
  3. Sustainable energy. Solar is more sustainable and inexhaustible than fossil fuels since sunlight provides infinite and renewable energy.
  4. Less electricity loss. As long as there is sunshine, households with rooftop solar resources can generate electricity, even if they are in remote areas with no access to other sources of electricity. 
  5. Diverse applications. The energy is not limited to electricity usage only. You can also use solar for water heating, ventilation, lighting, and even transportation.
  6. Job creation. The more people switch to it, the more manpower solar companies will need to install their panels and systems.
  7. Technology development.  Considering its numerous benefits, we cannot blur out the potential of solar energy to be the primary source of electricity in the future.

We provide electrical expertise in the Prescott area to commercial and residential customers.

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ASSURANCE Electrical Services

Why Hire Us As Your Arizona Solar Installer?

Aside from our long industry experience, we take pride in using only the best equipment to give you efficient and long-lasting systems and a higher return on investment!

So if you’re asking yourself, “who among the rooftop solar installers near me offers the best quotes and services?”

Your search is over. Assurance Electrical Services is your go-to contractor when it comes to anything solar here in Prescott, AZ!

As certified solar installers, we always commit to inspecting your property and understanding your solar needs and preferences. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We are dedicated to providing you with quality solar systems and customer service. 

Upon your consultation with us, our contractors will be happy to present to you the following features we offer for our solar panel projects:

  • A thorough discussion about using solar energy
  • Detailed solar quotes and timeframe based on your energy needs at home
  • Excellent net metering programs
  • Quality product recommendations from reputable manufacturers
  • Service insurance
  • Flexible financing options
  • Customer reviews and referrals

How We Can Help You In Going Solar


Our contractor will talk to you about your home’s solar energy needs and preferences.

Detailed Discussion

We’ll discuss our system design and proposal based on the consultation. This will also include our quotation and projected ROI.

Installation/Repair/ Maintenance Process

Our technician will install/repair/do necessary maintenance on your system and you’ll finally say goodbye to expensive electricity bills!

Professional Solar Contractor
With Proven Quality Service






Why Is Assurance Electrical Services the Top Solar Company in Prescott, AZ?

Assurance Electrical Services is a utility company and energy-efficient rooftop solar company in Prescott, AZ. Our solar panels are made and installed with top-notched workmanship and materials.

We offer solar installations and solar panel repairs in Prescott, AZ with excellent customer service and affordable rates.

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We Are Your Full-Service Solar Energy Contractor

If you’re among the thousands of household owners suffering from high electricity bills monthly, it’s time to go solar now!

As a source of renewable energy, solar energy provides great benefits for both your household or business and the environment. At Assurance Electrical Services we offer you the highest quality solar services at reasonable rates. Your satisfaction is always our number one goal!

Get an Evaluation and Quote

Here at Assurance Electrical Services, we offer detailed evaluations and quotes for new customers. We know that our customers deserve the best, which is why we offer complete transparency throughout the solar installation process.

You can get a detailed estimate by calling us or filling out our contact form. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible to discuss your solar project and give you a quote for the work.

Get our solar services today and let the sun’s energy do the work for you moving forward. Connect with us now to book an appointment or get a quote!

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