Tips to Prevent Power Surges at Home

preventing power surges to protect electronics
preventing power surges to protect electronics

Defend your house appliances, electronics, and personal devices from serious harm.

Technology has outpaced conventional home wiring, so every charging phone, computer, and TV puts a strain on a house’s circuits. So many devices pulling on power at once can cause serious problems. Assurance Electrical Services wants to discuss keeping your household electronics safe from internal power surges in your Prescott home.

  • Keep small appliances like toasters, lamps, and gaming systems unplugged when not in use. Too many items on one circuit (the wiring in your home) can pull too much energy and cause internal surges.
  • Update old wiring to accompany the modern electricity demands of TVs, phone chargers, and computers. If your house has strange quirks like a light dimming when a hair dryer turns on, you should definitely upgrade your house wiring before it becomes a fire hazard.
  • Fix circuits that may be overloaded with too many large appliances at once, like a refrigerator and microwave in the kitchen. You can ask an electrician to install new circuits dedicated to specific appliances to relieve other circuits.

Preventing Power Surges are in your Hands

Other common causes of surges, such as lightning, are actually some of the least likely events to occur. Be proactive about surges by unplugging and upgrading your Prescott home’s circuits today. If you would like to know more about keeping your house electronics safe, give Assurance Electrical Services a call today at 928-713-2177.

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