Upgrading Your Home Wiring for your Electric Vehicle

home upgrade for electric vehicle
home upgrade for electric vehicle

Electric vehicles are the future. If you haven’t gotten one yet, it’s only a matter of time before it’s a real option for your next car. When you do finally take the plunge, you’re going to need to charge it. Assurance Electrical Services recommends upgrading the wiring at your Prescott home for your electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The nice thing about electric vehicles is that you can “refuel” them at home. There are three levels of charging stations, each one charging faster than the next.

Level 1

Uses standard 120v outlet
~36 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle

Level 2

Uses a 240v outlet (like the one used for an electric clothes dryer)
~6.5 hours to fully charge an electric vehicle

Level 3

Uses 480v 3-phase AC outlet (industrial-sized power supply not normally in homes)
~1 hour to fully charge the battery.

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Upgrading from Level 1 to Level 2

Obviously, it is well worth it to upgrade to a level 2 charger. This would enable you to charge your vehicle overnight so it is ready for the next day. The problem is that most homes do not have a 240v outlet located in the garage or wherever you plan on parking your vehicle. Unless you only plan on driving your new electric vehicle every three days, you’re going to need an upgrade to your electrical system.

Hire a licensed electrician to install your electric vehicle charging station

Installation of a 240v outlet requires a direct line to your electrical panel and possibly even an upgrade to the panel itself. You should always hire a qualified professional electrician when dealing with anything electrical.

Assurance Electrical Services would be happy to walk you through what will need to be done to upgrade your home wirings. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and you can depend on us to do the work safely. Give us a call at 928-713-2177.

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