What is Recessed Lighting for Homes?

recessed lighting to upgrade your home

Selecting the type of lighting to use for your home can be a tough decision. The choice between recessed lighting and ceiling lights plays a significant role in how a room looks and feels. You want to make certain your space has just the right ambience. Before making your decision, it is necessary to know the difference between the two types. Assurance Electrical Services understands the importance lighting plays in your home and we want to educate Prescott homeowners on the distinction between these two lighting options.

Ceiling Lights

When it comes to general ceiling lights, there are many styles, shapes, and colors of lighting fixtures. Each type will add a unique decorative touch to your living space. In smaller rooms, you may only need one fixture to give sufficient lighting. Larger rooms that require more than a few lights may be better suited with recessed lighting. This is because using too many fixtures in a large room makes a room feel cluttered.

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting offers a minimalistic approach. This minimalism helps reduce clutter. It is also ideal in rooms with low ceilings, because hanging fixtures have the ability to make a room seem smaller. Recessed lighting with a low voltage switch offers more control versus regular ceiling lights. The added control can make it significantly easier to light your space.

Making design choices for your Prescott home is both exciting and difficult. Ceiling lights may offer more decorative options, but recessed lighting can keep your space from looking crowded.

Ready to Install Recessed Lighting in your Home?

If recessed lighting is the right choice for you, Assurance Electrical Services provides professional and timely installation, and we proudly serve homeowners and businesses throughout Prescott. Call us today at 928-713-2177 for your free quote.

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