Residential vs Commercial Electrician: What’s the Difference?

residential and commercial electrician

Are you tired of the flickering lights at your home or office? It’s probably time to call for an electrician.

Calling for an electrician can be tricky, though. You may be confused between commercial and residential electricians. 

While both may be able to fix your electrical issues, these two types of electricians are different in many ways. Residential electricians are the best fit to fix home electrical problems, while commercial electricians are for retail and manufacturing businesses.

You have to know the distinctions between the two to be sure of the quality of service you’ll get depending on your needs. Read on to learn more about the differences between residential and commercial electricians.

Residential Electrician

A residential electrician is an expert in every electricity requirement of residential buildings.

Residential electricians are skilled and trained experts in the construction, servicing, and restoration of insulation, electrical systems in residential buildings. They make sure to lay wires properly so that electricity is well-supplied to people’s homes.

Their essential duties and responsibilities involve the following:

Commercial Electrician

electrician fixing an electrical panel

Commercial electricians are experts in performing new construction or installing lighting, receptacles, transformers, and power distribution systems. They typically work in commercial buildings such as business offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other public areas.

As experts in commercial electrical work, they can also design, schedule, and mode systems according to industry standards. 

Since their main clients are business corporations and large companies, most commercial electricians have undergone specialized industry training and leadership experience. 

Their duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Common electrical repairs in commercial settings
  • New construction of new equipment or renovation of existing ones
  • Installation of electrical components such as security alarm systems, lights, and switches
  • General building requirements (including design and operation of plans for electrical systems)
  • Commercial wiring of breaker panels
  • Installation of cables, transformers, generators, lighting, and heating
  • Compliance with the local and national electric system guidelines and safety standards

Industrial Electricians

Aside from residential and commercial electricians, you can rely on industrial electricians if you need an expert to do more complex and sensitive electrical works in manufacturing plants and production facilities.

Industrial electricians work on more extensive wirings in different industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, chemical, mining, and even automotive. Their duties include:

  • Installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and components for the manufacturing industry’s process equipment
  • Troubleshooting of controls and electronics in industrial settings
  • Inspections on machinery and equipment, ensuring proper grounding is observed
  • Correct installation of power conductors to avoid any business interferences

Consult A Professional Electrician Now!

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, there’s a professional electrician for your power needs. Learn the distinctions between the different types of electricians to ensure the right assistance and service you will receive.

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