7 Signs That I Need To Hire Electrician Near Me

hire an electrician near me

You may not have realized it yet, but almost everything you use in your daily chores depends on your electricity supply — from the moment you make your coffee and toast in the morning until you turn your lights off in your bedroom at night. 

Despite our growing electric needs, we often don’t realize our need for a licensed professional electrician until we experience severe unpleasant circumstances. 

Although paying electricians for minor repairs can seem costly, the truth is you’re actually saving more money, time, and peace of mind in the long run. 

Here are the seven signs that you need to find an electrician near Prescott Valley, AZ, for your electrical needs:

1. Tripping Circuit Breaker

Faulty circuit breakers are pretty common in every household. You can reset the switch, and everything will be back to normal. 

However, if your circuit breaker keeps tripping after the resetting, the chances are high that your fuse box needs a repair or a replacement. This electrical work requires an expert, so it’s best to call a professional electrical services provider to inspect the issue immediately.

2. Flickering Lights

If you switch on an appliance and your lights flickered suddenly, that’s a sign that your circuit is overloaded. 

Some large appliances have a larger current and may need a separate set-up to accommodate your energy needs. 

If you have a large appliance at your home and there’s a disruption to your electrical system, call for a licensed electrician to help you switch to a better electricity line.

3. You’re Using Too Many Extension Cords

multiple electrical cords

Did you know that more than 3000 fires in the U.S. are caused by using too many extension cords? 

There’s no standard number of extension cords that a household can use to avoid fires, but the recommended practice is to avoid using multiple of them in the same circuit. 

Avoid using an extension cord over another extension cord. Large appliances should be plugged directly into a separate outlet, too, and not in an extension cord. 

To avoid using too many extension cords, ask a qualified electrician in Prescott Valley to work on this issue and install additional outlets in your home.

4. Heated Outlets

Overheating of outlets or appliances is the primary cause of many severe cases of electrical problems. A warm outlet is a sign of circuit overloading and an internal wiring issue

A warm electric outlet is not healthy, so look for top electricians in Prescott, AZ immediately and call the right one to do this electrical work for you.

5. Electrical Shocks

Many individuals still ignore the electric shocks they feel whenever they plug in an appliance. 

Electrical shocks from a light switch, outlet, or appliance are usually due to faulty wiring.

This issue exposes you to potential fire hazards. An expert electrician can get the job done quickly for you.

6. You Moved Into a New House

Starting a new life in a new home is exciting. However, the electrical projects done when building your house may not be 100% fault-free.

Ask for detailed estimates from your local electricians and allow the best one to inspect your property for any faulty wiring and potential hazards.

7. You Hear Buzzing Sound In The Walls

These buzzes are certainly not from bees. Electrical buzzing can be a result of wiring issues or loose screw terminals, outlets, and switches. 

Only licensed electricians can diagnose the problem, so make sure to call for one if you hear these buzz sounds.

Hire The Best Electrician In Prescott Valley!

Electrical systems are complicated, and not paying careful attention to your electricity is dangerous. Don’t hesitate to hire a pro to do the work for you to spare yourself from unwanted damages and costs later on.

The best electricians vary depending on their expertise and years of experience. Go online and get started by searching for the pros in your zip code. Check their websites for their services and answers to frequently asked questions. 

Ask for the hourly rate of each of your prospective electricians, too, to help you choose the best one for your needs and budget.

Assurance Electrical Services in Prescott Valley in Arizona is here to cater to your electrical installation and safety needs with integrity and accountability. Give us a call today to know more about our services!

Got any questions about your electricity at home? Don’t hesitate to ask them out in the comments section below!

Jeff Brandlin - Assurance Electrical Services Prescott Arizona

Jeff Brandlin is the founder of Assurance Electrical Services, LLC. He started in the electrical industry when he was 21 and had worked in several electrical firms before founding Assurance Electrical. Jeff is dedicated to providing the best quality service to his clients and always puts their needs first. Outside work, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and children.

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