5 Best House Lighting System Designs

house lighting system designs

Think your home’s interior design needs some touch-up? Perhaps, it’s time that you put more emphasis on your lighting design.

Interior lighting is integral in every American home’s design. It can either make or break the mood of those living in that space.

You have to be detail-oriented when choosing the right lighting scheme for your home. What works in one room may not work in the other. Be careful of the colors, brightness, and fixtures in each space.

Read on to this ultimate guide to learn more about home lighting designs. We’ll also give you some expert ideas on how to choose the best one for your household!

The Benefits of a Good Lighting Design

You may not realize it, but good interior lighting affects us in so many ways, such as:

3 Essential Lighting Elements

1. Ambient Lighting

Also known as general lighting, ambient light delivers a comfortable level of brightness in the eyes. It fills the majority of the room and allows individuals to move around safely and sound.

The natural light during the daytime is also considered ambient.

2. Accent Lighting

This lighting is also known as decorative or feature lighting. It accentuates or highlights a particular focal point in an area, e.g., a painting or wall art in your living room. 

Dimmers are often used on these light fixtures to set a certain mood.

3. Task Lighting

A task light helps you do specific activities easier. It can be the pendant chandelier in the kitchen island of your dining room or the desk lamp in your living room.

Although ambient kitchen lighting design is enough to prepare food, the extra task lights can enhance your cooking and meal preparation experience.

5 Best Lighting Design Ideas

Your creative mind can go as far as designing the perfect lighting systems for every room of your home. Check out our 5 expert light design ideas for your home!

1. Mix and match different lights 

Try combining different types of lighting to create a creative and properly balanced light system in your living rooms. 

Try adding accent lights to create an illuminating effect on your furniture. Use light fixtures on both sides to achieve an equally distributed light.

2. Do some experiment on your ceiling light

If you want to make the colors in your ceiling more attractive, try to use different accent lighting colors and find the best mixture of colors. They will highlight the elegance of your upper interior surface!

3. Master the art of small space lighting

Large light fixtures make a small room too cramped, so avoid them as much as possible.

You need to spread lights around a small room in your house.  Tall lamps with small shades and wall lighting in the corners can make the room look bigger.

4. Counter Lighting

kitchen counter lighting

Make your kitchen counter lighting more elegant by mounting lights towards the front of your cabinets

This technique will create an illuminating effect in your whole kitchen cabinet.

5. Use LED lights indirectly

Attach indirect led lights to the ceilings or in the dark areas of your house. You can even try them on the sides of your favorite frames!

Indirect led lighting makes your space more attractive by making it look soft and magical.

Pro tip: Consult a Home Lighting Professional

There’s no wonder why lighting defines your home’s beauty and value. The best design is always the one that will make you feel excited to flip your light switch every morning.

If you’re unsure about your preferred lighting, the best thing to do is to consult a professional interior designer. They have the know-how and do’s and don’ts when choosing the best features for your home’s interiors.

To ensure the safe installation of your new light fixtures, call a licensed electrician near your area. 

Assurance Electrical Services is here to serve you for your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Have you tried any of the above lighting ideas in your home? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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