How to Safely Use Your Extension Cords at Home

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The easiest solution to the problem of not having an outlet nearby is an extension cord. But even when you choose the proper cord, it is always just a temporary solution. Extension cords used over long periods of time are susceptible to damage and deterioration that can lead to electrocution or fire. Assurance Electrical Services has some advice about using extension cords to help ensure electrical safety in your Prescott home.

  • Always use the appropriate cord. Look for indoor/outdoor use as well as the wattage rating to make sure you don’t overload it.
  • Do not run cords through snow, water or through walls or conduit.
  • Do not chain cords together; plug each one into an outlet.
  • Do not attach more than one appliance to an extension cord.
  • Never use a cord that has visible damage or that feels hot to the touch.
  • Never alter a cord or bypass the security measures. Do not cut off the ground prong to make it fit or force a polarized plug into a non-polarized outlet. (Polarized plugs have one prong that is bigger than the other).
  • Only use cords approved by Underwriters Laboratories. These are independent testing laboratories than ensure the product is safe for use.

If you have a lot of extension cords in your home or business, it’s an indicator that you have too few outlets to address your needs. Choose the safest option and call Assurance Electrical Services. We can install outlets wherever you need them and help you power everything you need in your Prescott home in a safe way. Call to schedule an appointment at 928-713-2177.

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