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Are you up for a major house design renovation this new year?

You might as well invest in new and better track lighting!

Track lightings are those trails of lights hanging on a long rod (track). They are commonly used in kitchens to help homeowners work on their meals more conveniently, but they’re also useful in highlighting the beautiful features of other rooms.

Read to learn our tips in choosing the right track lighting for your home and our expert recommendations on the best and trendiest track light designs this 2023!

How To Choose the Best Track Lighting

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Evaluate the space of the room where you’re going to install the light, identify the features that you’d like to highlight, and determine the activities that the fixture could help you do conveniently. Once you’re sure where to install the new track system, consider the following tips before proceeding with your next step:

  • Flexible or straight track lighting. Flexible track lighting can wind and bend in various areas to fit your ceilings. Meanwhile, straight or linear lighting is the better option for long hallways or in kitchens.
  • System power. Check whether your system needs to be line voltage or low voltage.
  • Lighting fixtures. The fixtures that you’d like to add to the system like a mini pendant, directional spotlights, or a mixture of different add-ons.
  • Correct components and accessories. From rails, adapters, power supply, and other optional accessories such as dimmer switches.

The Best Track Lights in 2023

Here are our recommendations for the best track lighting systems this year:

1. Lithonia Lighting LTKSTBF BR20 MW M4 Adjustable Decorative LED Lamp

This lighting system is an adjustable led track lighting with the 3 track heads that can brighten up your desired area.

Lithonia supports 500 lumens led lights enough to lighten up small spaces perfectly. Its track heads are also flexible and can be directed and pointed to the areas where you need to focus the light.

2. Grayson 6-Light S-Shape Track Lighting, Brushed Steel, Bulbs Included, 59062

The Grayson 6-light adjustable track lighting can brighten your kitchen space without drilling your ceiling. It has a sleek, brushed steel finish that can go with any doctor and an s-shape for a more classic design.

The track head is adjustable up to 180 degrees. Its fully-dimmable feature also makes it easier to blend in your preferred room atmosphere (you need to use a dimmer switch to activate this feature).

Grayson also comes with six 50W halogen bulbs already, so you’ll no longer have to look for bulbs!

3. Globe Electric 59086 Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting

If you have a contemporary or modern room aesthetic, the Globe Electric 59086 Kearney 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting is a good choice for you. It has a brushed steel and white glass design and 6 adjustable heads to help you direct and focus light where needed.

It is dimmable and includes all mounting hardware for quick and easy installation.

4. Payton 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting, Matte Silver, 59351

The Payton 6-Light Foldable Track Lighting is the best track lighting under $50. It has a modern contemporary, minimalist design suitable for all home decor.

It has 6 pivoting light heads, a fully-dimmable feature with a compatible switch, and easy to install on either vaulted or sloped ceiling.

5. Canarm IT217A04ORB10 Addison 4-Light Dropped Track Lighting with Flat Opal Glass Shades, Oil-Rubbed Bronze

If you’re not fond of straight rods and looking for something different under $50, Canarm Addison 4-light dropped track lighting is a good option.

Its modern chandelier-style design with 4 white opal glass globes and oil-rubbed bronze finish makes it suitable for any room.

This system can only be installed and used in dry locations, so it’s not advisable to place it above or near the stovetop.

Install a track lighting system now!

Track lighting fixtures may vary depending on the room’s features and your personal preferences. Whatever your choice may be, we hope it’s something that would make your home happier this year!

Once you’re ready to install the fixture, make sure to call a licensed electrician near your area for a safer installation process.

Assurance Electrical Services is here to serve you for your electrical needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Have you tried any of the above lighting ideas in your home? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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