Solar Panels: Should You Buy, Repair, or Hire a Professional?

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Thinking about ways on how to reduce your electricity rates?

Installing solar panels to power your home can be a great choice and an excellent investment! Not only does it cut back your energy consumption expense, but it also helps decrease greenhouse emissions and fight climate change!

Just like many American households, more and more are going solar because of the benefit it provides. With about 1.96 GW in the first quarter of 2020, this is 65% higher than the total installations in the first quarter of 2019.  

If you are planning on installing solar energy panels, in this article, we can help you decide if it’s best to buy, repair them or hire a professional. 

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How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic modules, contain many photovoltaic cells that convert and capture the sun’s energy when it hits a solar cell to produce electricity. 

That direct current (DC) electricity is sent to solar inverter or micro-inverters which converts it into Alternating current (AC) to supply power to your home. 

The amount of electricity produced is based on the number of panels you have installed. Any extra energy produced is being sent to your utility grid. This means that you can receive utility credits for the extra solar energy system that has been generated, which is a major benefit! 

The exchange of excess solar energy or excess power is referred to as net metering.

Types of Solar Panels 

Monocrystalline Panels 

Monocrystalline solar panels are considered to be the most common type and the more efficient one. These are made with silicon wafers that are cut from a single crystal.

Polycrystalline panels  

Polycrystalline solar panels are also made with silicon. The problem with this type is that their solar cells are made of melted fragments of silicon, which means they can have gaps where crystals meet. 

This is why they have lower energy efficiency but are cheaper compared to monocrystalline. 

How Does Weather Affect Solar Energy Production? 

Solar panels are more efficient in converting sunlight into electricity in cold temperatures. As the temperature rises, the panels generate less voltage, therefore producing less energy.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that they produce more electricity in winter than summer. Sunnier weather often comes with fewer clouds and the sun is usually out most of the time. 

So even though solar panels may be less efficient in hot weather, they still produce more solar electricity in summer. 

Always remember that anything that stands between the panel and the sun such as cloud cover or fog decreases the amount of solar energy it produces, but this will still continue to draw energy! 

Should You Buy Solar Panels?

Yes! Solar panels are a great investment! 

Especially if you are one of those households who incur high electricity charges monthly. 

Here are some of its benefits you’ll be getting: 

4 Benefits of Having Solar Panel Installed

1. Lets you save money in the long run

Adding solar panels reduces energy bills and will help you save more in the long term. 

2. Helps protect the environment

Solar energy system derives clean, pure energy from the sun. This can help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help fight the global warming crisis. 

3. Provides tax credits and rebates

When you purchase and install a solar electric system on your home, one of the biggest incentives you can receive is through the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), where you can take a tax credit off your personal income tax return for 26% of the solar system cost.

4. Protects home against power Outage 

Solar panels get their power source directly from the sun, as long as there is sunshine, a household with solar technologies can generate electricity. 

Who Should Install Solar Panels?

solar array

If you are thinking about installing one, remember that solar installation is not something that you can do on your own. It is best to contact trained professionals to do the job for you! 

Here are some reasons why it’s important. 

Why Hire Professional Installer

Ensures Safety 

Most solar panels are being installed on the roof. With that, carrying heavy panels and walking on elevated surfaces are undeniably dangerous. 

This also involves electrical circuits and wiring, when not done correctly, this could cause electrocution, damage to electrical equipment or worse could lead to a fire on your property.

Proper Positioning for Better Solar Panel Efficiency 

Professional installers take into consideration where your solar panel system should face, most especially where sunlight hits the most. 

They also advise the right type of solar power that would work best for your home as well as how much panel system should be installed. 

This will allow it to produce more energy efficiently and will allow you to get the maximum advantage of your home solar system.

Comes With the Right Equipment

Professionals are equipped with the proper tools needed to accomplish solar installation safely and properly.

Roof Quality 

The quality of the roof needs to be assessed first before going solar to make sure the roof is not damaged. You wouldn’t want to spend excess money on the removal and reinstallation of solar energy systems in the future.

Repairing or Replacing Solar Panels 

Like other devices, solar panel problems are unavoidable. PV components may become faulty and produce fewer electricity outputs.

Just like in installation, it is best to call a professional to ensure that they are functioning properly! 

If you think they are not as efficient or are underperforming, call a professional to help assess and check the problem! 

Your Trusted Professional Solar Installer in Prescott, AZ!

Professional solar panel installer

Installation, repair, or maintenance of solar panels is not a DIY job that can be done on your own. This should always be done by a professional to ensure top-notch safety, efficiency, and quality!

Here at Assurance Electrical Services, we provide professional and affordable solar panel services or any electrical concern

Contact us today for more information and experience the best! We provide customized plans and services that best fit energy-efficient needs. 

Leave us a comment below if you have any questions about solar panels, and we’ll love to answer them! 

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