What are the Common Types of Light Switches for Homes?

light switches
light switches

Is it time to change out your light switches? Possibly the most ubiquitous electrical device in homes today is the wall switch. We use them to control the flow of electricity to other devices throughout the house; this includes turning on lights, fans, outlets, garbage disposals, etc.

Light switches play a vital role in keeping a home functional, but very few homeowners know that not all switches are created equal. Assurance Electrical Services wants to make sure that Prescott homeowners are educated before changing their light switches.

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Common Types of Light Switches

Here are the most common types of light switches that you can consider installing in your homes:


The single-pole switch controls lights and other devices from a single location. Its simple design is useful for a majority of situations. The single-pole has screw-terminals. One connector is used for the incoming power, and the other connector is used for outgoing power.

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The double-pole is typically used for commercial applications. This switch has four “hot” connectors for power and one neutral connector. The double-pole can handle significantly higher voltages and amperage, and it usually controls a 240-volt circuit.


If you have two switches in your home that control the same light, this is typically accomplished with the help of a three-way switch. These switches have three screw-terminals.

Four-way switches are probably the least common. They are used to connect three-way switches when you need to control the lights from more than two locations. Like the double-pole switches, they have four connectors plus a ground.

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Need Help in Any Electrical Works for Your Home?

Depending on how your home is wired, changing light switches can be simple. However, working with your home’s electrical system is very dangerous, so proper safety precautions must be taken before beginning a project. It is highly recommended that you hire a licensed and trained professional for any electrical work for your Prescott home. If you are looking for a professional electrician that will get your light switches changed quickly and properly, contact Assurance Electrical Services at 928-713-2177

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