Lightning Strikes Could Cause $10k in Damage that Insurance Doesn’t Cover


Whole House Surge Protectors

Did you know that your expensive electrical devices and even your kitchen appliances are at risk for something that happens in your home around 20 times per day?  The average home experiences 20 internal power surges every day.  Now, while most of these surges go undetected, a patch of faulty wiring is all it would take for one of those surges to harm your home electronics.  External surges, such as damaged power lines or lightning strikes, pose an even greater threat.  Aging infrastructure and increasing frequency of severe weather have many people wondering how they can protect themselves against loss of costly electronic devices.

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There is a very simple and inexpensive answer!  Our whole house surge protectors are an affordable way to protect your investments.  The technology works by redirecting excess power currents to ground.  This blocks any power surges from reaching any at-risk appliances in your home.  Some of the items that can be protected are:

  • Home entertainment systems
  • Home office equipment
  • Mobile technology
  • Kitchen appliances

Call us today to see how easy it is to protect your home from power surges.

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