How to Repair Solar Panel at Home – A Comprehensive Guide

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With the prospect of quickly-depleting energy resources, solar panels seem to be useful devices. These items use solar cells to transform energy into electricity suitable for residential and commercial establishments.

Like any other device, panels are also prone to suffering from damage. Noticing these issues is not complicated because it often leads to evident problems, such as less output from the installation and diminished yields.

Do you think your solar devices are underperforming? In this blog, we will provide you with tips on how to repair solar panels. Keep reading below!

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Is it Possible to Repair Damaged Solar Panels?

Therefore, the short answer is ‘yes.’

Regardless of whether you have a broken solar panel, damaged parts, or issues with your panel frame, repairs could be possible. However, it all depends on the problem you’re having.

Tips to Repair Solar Panels

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In some cases, leaving a broken solar panel just the way it is may sound tempting. If it’s working, why should you worry? It can probably still generate some power.

However, thinking like this is a huge mistake. Even if your panel can still transform solar energy, not addressing the breakage could lead to more problems. You may end up with electrical shortages and much worse outcomes, especially if it rains and the water gets through the cracks.

Considering that you should repair your devices as soon as possible, follow these actionable tips to avoid further issues with your residential solar panels:

Identify the Problem

If there’s something wrong with your solar panel, you’re probably experiencing other issues, for example, a change in their performance. Take note of every issue that you noticed.

Determine Potential Causes

Sometimes, external factors affect your devices. If there have been complicated weather conditions, this might be the cause behind your solar panel’s underperforming. Determine the potential reasons behind the issue before proceeding.

Try Some Solutions

You can fix some broken solar panels if you use a transparent laminating film. In these cases, you’ll only need a heat gun to stick it. Once it’s on the edges of the glass, you won’t risk the devices falling off.

Moreover, panels could sometimes have performance issues because of dirt accumulation. If this happens, you’ll be able to fix the problems by thoroughly cleaning your devices.

Contact a Solar Panel Repair Company

Unfortunately, as you’ll notice soon, most of the common issues that cause a solar panel to underperform are tricky to fix. Therefore, you’ll need specialized help if you want the best outcome.

If it looks like there’s nothing you can do yourself, you should contact experts in the field! Solar electricians know how to identify issues and offer specific solutions for each one.

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What Types of Damages Can Be Repaired?

A broken panel is just one of the many issues you may encounter. Although solar panel glass breakage is common, you can find other problems as well. Some of these are the following:

Hot Spots and Micro Cracks

Cracks, hot spots, and microscopic fractures can appear on the surface of your solar panel glass. In less time than you think, these can grow and affect the cells’ effectiveness. The most frequent causes of broken glass panels are:

  • Wrong handling during the shipping process
  • Production of PV modules
  • Changes in the temperature or other important weather conditions

Long weather conditions can damage your solar devices’ structure, and for example, freeze solar panel frames. In these cases, the best way to keep things under control is to hire experts to perform maintenance tasks in your panels, such as inspecting them and identifying potential issues.

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The process of repairing these small issues can be different depending on whether you have a roof- or ground-mounted solar panels. If it’s the former, technicians will have to dismount it all, even if the damage is only in one module.

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Loose Wiring

Another issue that can affect solar panels is wires coming loose. These cables connect each PV cell to the inverters and solar batteries, so even the simplest wiring problems can damage the whole solar panel system.

Solar panel experts use different tools to measure wire performance, such as meters. These items are helpful to assess problems and come up with effective solutions in little time.

PID Effect

Also known as potential-induced degradation, this problem often happens because of voltage fluctuations between the voltage that the panel generates and the earthing of the solar panel.

When PID occurs, the discharged voltage in the main power circuit varies, which can damage different solar panel components.

Inner Module Damage

Selecting poor-quality PV components or having production difficulties can also make panels underperform or cause solar panel damage.

These issues could also lead to delamination, yellowing of the back sheets, EVA films browning, solar connectors or cell discoloration, staining of PV cells, unwanted inclusions in your PV laminates, burning out the front or back of the solar panels, and more.

Sometimes, solar installation experts will perform a solar panel inspection and remove the glass from the panels to later repair or change them.

Module Damages as a Consequence of External Factors

We briefly mentioned it before – you may need professional solar repair services due to difficult weather changes and other external factors.

External factors such as animal bites, broken branches, fires, excessive heat, or icy conditions can also damage your solar installations.

When Should You Contact Solar Panel Repair Companies?

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If your solar modules start heavily malfunctioning and you notice a significant change in their performance, you should consider contacting a specialized company. Having cracked solar panels or internal damage can affect the whole system. Fortunately, professionals can help you find a proper solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Repairs Cost?

Repair costs can go from $300 to even thousands of dollars depending on the issue your solar panel system has. For a detailed quote, make sure to consult a licensed solar repair professional.

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Is it Expensive to Repair a Single Solar Panel?

Fixing a single panel can cost approximately $300. Hire a licensed solar expert to assess your solar system and come up with a detailed estimate of repair costs.

Can You Fix All Solar System Issues?

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Unfortunately, sometimes, the damage is so severe that you may need to replace all the panels. 

Get Expert Solar Panel Repair

When repairing your solar panels is unavoidable, you have to consider all your options, but always keep in mind that experts are the ones prepared to help you with this situation.

Depending on what the issue is, you may need different alternatives. Handling photovoltaic module repairs is not the same as managing damaged solar plugs or bringing your panels to optimum performance.

As experts, at Assurance Electrical Services, we can assess your solar panels and identify the root of the problem. After doing that, we’ll come up with solutions to make your panels work without any issues. If you want to hire experienced professionals, contact us today!

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