5 Facts About Off-Grid Solar Systems

home with off-grid solar systems

Are you considering a more eco-friendly alternative to power your home? Switching to off-grid solar systems can be the best choice for you!

A home with an off-grid solar kit is 100% self-sustaining its energy without connecting to any power system. This means that even if your neighbors have no electricity, or if you live in a power outage prone area, you can still supply your property’s electricity needs.

If you’re considering off-grid solar kits, read on these 5 everything-you-need-to-know facts about this energy-efficient solar power system kit!

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1. Two Types of Off-Grid Kit: The DC and AC System Kits

The DC (direct current) off-grid solar system is used to power DC appliances in RVs, cabins, farm appliances, and even rural telecommunication systems

It does not require an inverter to convert electricity, so it is less expensive than AC solar power.

On the other hand, an off-grid AC (alternating current) solar kit uses an inverter to convert DC electrical current from batteries into AC. Although this is more expensive, it can provide greater power to more appliances.

2. Off-Grid Solar System Uses Battery Storage Instead of Electricity

Install your system kit accordingly to generate enough power, and ensure that the battery capacity is enough for your home’s electricity needs. 

Although the cost of batteries is high, the huge monetary savings you’ll get later on will compensate for it. 

You’ll need a battery bank and a backup generator for an AC coupled off-grid solar power system.

  • Battery Bank. Since there is no public electricity grid, you will rely on solar power to use your appliances and charge your battery. 

Once the battery is full, you can use it during the night time or cloudy days to draw power for your home.

  • Backup Generator. You can use it when your batteries are low on charge during cloudy weather. Make sure that the size of the generator set (kVA) is enough to power your house and to charge your battery.

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3. Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Have 4 Major Components

These are the solar panels, charge controller, battery bank, and connected load. 

The solar panels convert solar energy into electricity. They also generate power to charge batteries.

The charge controller determines the amount of current to be injected into the battery bank to achieve the required power performance. It also protects the battery from overcharging.

Lastly, the connected load ensures that the electrical circuit is complete and correct. It also helps in smooth electricity flow.

Depending on your demand, you may also need other components such as the backup generator, transfer switch, inverter, and AC/DC load center.

4. Living off-Grid Saves You From Monthly Bills and Blackouts

Although the initial cost in setting up the off-grid panels and systems is high, you’ll be free from your monthly electricity bills later. This independence equates to huge monthly savings as long as you continue living off-grid.

Since you’re self-sustaining your power, you’ll also experience minimal blackouts as long as you have a strong battery and backup generators.

5. Off-Grid Households Are Responsible for Energy Efficiency

If you’re sustaining your electricity needs by yourself, you have the sole responsibility to manage and maintain the efficiency of your energy system. You have to use the kit with care and shoulder all the maintenance fees that might follow.

You will bear all the responsibilities when your system fails since you’re not connected to any local utility company.

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Get Off-Grid Solar Systems Now!

Homeowners have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right power source for their households. 

If you’re willing to invest higher in a system that will give you huge monetary and energy savings, later on, off-grid living is the right choice.

If you need help with your solar panel or if you have any electricity concerts, don’t hesitate to consult an expert electrical professional right away.

Have you switched to solar power for your electricity needs? Share your experience in the comments section below!

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